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Portrait : Drew
17 July 2008

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14 July 2008

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Lemon Rice
8 June 2008

Recent Comments

Cuentos on Friends
Nice image. I like it. Saludos, Mariana Thanks.

Paco Díaz on Oven-baked Sardines
mmm, they look great, may I?

Joy on Oven-baked Sardines

Judy on Wisteria

Tracey on Wisteria
very beautiful. loved by all there smell is wonderful but they belong to the bees. : )

Eleftheria! on Portrait : Drew

Judy on Lime Bar
Hold on, I'll be RIGHT THERE! This looks delicious!

Kelela on Karimeen Pollichathu
This is fried up fish? eweee. But technically speaking; it's really sharp and clear and the colors came out just ...

gbe on Fresh from the fish vendor
well done

anitha on Candies
Yummy and brilliant.

Eleftheria, 9 1/2, on Lemon Rice
Looks tasty!

Veronelle on Roses
jolie peinture

Lavanya on Lentilles : Series 03
The composition is really good, But it kind of lacks focus on the subject.... Over all very artistic

Lavanya on Roses
Very professional.. Good job

debra on Mango Curlique

Veronelle on Sunflowers
Pourquoi pas ? Why not ?

Srivalli on Drawing
he looks so cute!..very nice attempt!

Srivalli on Chicken Biriyani
wow..this looks so yummy to look sure it tasted great!...

Srivalli on Juicy Mangoes
this is such a beautiful very real and tempting...thank you for sharing with us lakshmi

Uma on Juicy Mangoes
wow, your pictures are beautiful. You have a great talent.

veda on Juicy Mangoes
good work!!!!!!!simple and neat!

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Chicken Biriyani
looks delicious... can i taste some?

Indira on Juicy Mangoes
You have great talent and eye for detail. Love your contributions to mango manthram event. Thanks very much for ...

Veronelle on Juicy Mangoes
Joli dessin, j'aime

Nicole on Ixora
Amazing how now that I've been to Kerala I seem to be seeing images from there all the time! Lovely photo =D

Tamara on Iris
I love the angle, how it makes the flower look taller than the trees. :)

Baz on Iris
Great composition!

luminouslens on Lentilles : Series 03
I really like the quality of light in this picture - you've created a lovely atmosphere. I also really like the ...

moonstruck on Jasmine
Love,love jasmine...

moonstruck on Floating Jasmine
Yes, I handpicked the flowers and floated them on the water.Love how that looks like!

MahGol on Jasmine
reminds me of weddings and brides .. thanx

Judy on Floating Jasmine
This is a fascinating presentation; are they floating on water? I've posted our Confederate Jasmine - on the vine, ...

niña on Floating Jasmine
lovely shot! and a very informative description. i could almost smell the flowers :)

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